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Infosys Europe Negotiated Hotel Rates List

Welcome to the Europe negotiated hotels rates page! You can scroll through the long list, or select a country/country and city from the drop-down and then hit the find button to refine the results to just one country or city! If you want to see all data again, simply press F5 (or refresh), and you'll get the original display back.
Want a global snapshot of negotiated rates? Check out this helpful Google Maps resource, that will get you on your way. You can also read more about some of the major hotel brands here.
Please be advised that some chains have fixed global rates, that apply across all their branches.

If you wish to self-book, you can refer to the handy hotel sites and corporate codes page. If you need assistance or want to confirm accommodation under any of the rates, contact -.

On iConnect and cannot see the content below? Take a look at the XML file. It is listed alphabetically by country and then alphabetically by city.

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