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Olympics: 27 July - 12 August 2012
Paralympics: 29 August - 9 September 2012

Bespoke Local Information

Advisory 1: Using the Overground and walking in

Using the Overground by Darryl Conley and Walking to Canary Wharf from Waterloo by Bart Tutaj
Try these alternatives!
• Get fit and beat the traffic
• Be environmentally friendly
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Advisory 2: Clipper & St Pancras to Stratford Int'l

Using the Thames Clipper by Anna Jemmett and St Pancras to Stratford International by Charlotte Gibb
Try these alternatives!
• Enjoy the Thames
• Travel like Usain Bolt (sort of)
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Advisory 3: Bus Services & Liverpool St to Limehouse

Bus Services by Darryl Conley and Liverpool Street to Limehouse by Dominic Jameson
Try these alternatives!
• Overcome commuting challenges
• Get fit and save time
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Advisory 4: Peak Days and Using Boris Bikes

Planning for Peak Days by Vicky Astley and Using Boris Bikes by Bart Tutaj
Two interesting reads!
• Peak days highlighted
• Avoid the congested Tube
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Advisory 5: Remote Working by Vicky Astley
Try this alternative!
• Avoid travel delays
• Make good use of technology
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Advisory 6: Sharing Taxis by Bart Tutaj
Try this alternative!
• Consider sharing 8-seaters
• Travel with friends
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