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Walking to Canary Wharf from Waterloo
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Update! The new incident response number for UK employees is now live! Please save 02033686452 as 'Incident Response' on your phone.
Olympics: 27 July - 12 August 2012
Paralympics: 29 August - 9 September 2012
The day before: transferring music to sprint to (also helps with walking)! I got all three of my Next Generation / Blatant Beats compilation mix albums on my MP4 player (not to everyone's taste)!

Importantly, if you travel by National Rail into Waterloo, according to published advice, it is worth getting an earlier (or, generally, differently timed) train to Waterloo as the station is predicted to be exceptionally busy during the Games.

If you have one available, it is advisable to set up your smartphone to use GPS and a map utility to help you find your way. The walk took me 1hr 2mins but I walk like a bullet. At a moderately fast pace, expect it to take 1hr 20mins.

Additionally, Get Ahead of the Games' 'Walking may be quicker' article has helpful advice and links to tools, plus their
'Walking and running to work' article has great advice. Finally, don't forget to take some water with you!
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